Wholesale Sterling Silver Ear Line Earrings

Wholesale Sterling Silver Ear Line Earrings

Ear line earrings are accentuating the outlines of the ear - they are a popular type of earring that has a great potency because they are comfortable to wear and add an eye catcher to a woman's appearance that does not go unnoticed, Our wholesale 925 sterling silver collection of ear lines offers versatile designs that can be labeled as extravagant and beautiful or modern and stylish.


Natural long stretched shapes like the snake or the dolphin are offering themselves to give the ear clearly attention by enhancing it with a gorgeous pair of ear line earrings that have enjoyed the craftsmanship of a silversmith that loves details.


In the shape of a whoosh or fine curves from plain sterling silver are more modest but do not have less effect.

Stretched star shaped sterling silver ear lines or adorned with crystals are also on offer, to add a piece of jewelry to a festive outfit that provides the finishing touch with grace.