Wholesale Leather Wrap Bracelets With Crystals

Wholesale Leather Wrap Bracelets With Crystals

With a variety of colors, there is always a perfect leather wrap bracelet for everyone!

Leather wrap braceletes are always popular as they are versatile accessories that complement the style of the user with a great look.


In this collection of leather wrap around bracelets we stock models created on leather straps, available in a variety of vibrant colors: long rectangular strips of high quality leather display in multiple round openings the sparkle of cubic zirconia crystals, both ends of the leather wrap are secured by a easy-to-use magnetic clasp.


Wrap bracelets are sought for their cool style and the fact that they can be used daily with a lot of outfits. Carefully handcrafted and popular, our leather wrap bracelets are the perfect acquisition in your quest to expand the stock of your jewelry store or gift shop.


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